AI Product Studio

M0ther.ai is a Vancouver-based consulting agency and product studio comprised of agency and start-up veterans.


Jonathan Yapp

20+ years of technical leadership

With a wealth of experience spanning digital agencies, big tech, AAA gaming, startups and cloud, Jonathan believes the time is right for new AI use cases.

Jonathan ran a digital agency for more than 10 years and has founded or co-founded 5 start-ups and consulted to dozens of others. He is a certified AWS Solutions Architect with a deep understanding of security and compliance.




Re-launched & re-energized

We're seizing the moment to refocus our business on disruptive use cases.


Hiatus for Start-up

1.5 year hiatus while Jonathan was Cofounder and CTO of LEVEL, a start-up building a voice enabled chatbot with transcription and translation for the construction industry. We made use of Whisper LLM, AWS Lex, AWS Transcrible, AWS Polly.


Pivot to AWS Cloud

We pivoted into consulting on AWS cloud, cloud security, and cloud native product development. We worked with start-ups, SMEs, agencies and security companies over four years.


Founded with Chatbot Focus

M0ther.ai was founded in 2017 by Jonathan Yapp to offer consulting services to agencies and enterprise companies on chatbots and preparing for Machine Learning. This was still really early for AI in product development.