Building AI Together

We help our clients build AI into their products ethically and affordably.

AI Product Strategy

Do you have a clear-eyed AI strategy for your product roadmap?

Prompt Engineering

Optimize quality and consistency of your LLM responses.

LLM Integrations & Hosting

We love to plan and implement deployments and integrations.

NLP, Voice, Language

NLP, entity extraction, transcription, translation and voice.

Model Training & RBA

Training versus Just-in-Time Model enhancement


We’ve been building chatbots since long before LLMs were around.

Generative AI

Leverage Gen AI in your business ethically and safely.

Data Strategy and Services

We optimize data quality, governance and architecture.

Vector Databases

Essential for Optimized AI Training and Performance.

Ethics & Governance

We deliver expert-led AI consulting that's grounded in ethical principles.